duminică, 4 aprilie 2010

As prone to doubt and heathen (:)) yeah) as i may be..cant deny the fact that feasts like Easter and Christmas (but Christmas in particular) bring a certain easiness and comfort to ones mind. Whether you like it or not, they almost constrain you to set your heart at ease and reconcile with yourself and everyone else for that matter. is it the nice memories, the family gatherings or whatever..who cares?! it is a special time..and that`s that :D

honestly, this whole world is such a strange and obscure thing for me..that sometimes i actually wonder: why wouldnt it be possible? :)) why wouldnt it, REALLY? how is life possible? and why? and how is it possible that i am? that everyone else is? why wouldnt THAT be possible then? :)) i like to deceive myself with this kind of questions sometimes, with thinking that there might be a greater purpose for us..but i cant see it. as much as i want to, i dont.

DA! im confused!:)) Lumea asta e o mare necunoscuta pentru mine. Si cu cat incerc sa mi`o explic, cu atat ma regasesc intr-o ceata si mai mare.

But before you judge, just think about it: aside from the ordinary things that surround us with the very purpose of taking our minds off the stuff ive been babling about just before, aside from science which is only capable of explaining what is contiguous (and thank god for that!-> yeah, the irony :))), aside from me, from you, from everything else, what are we? and more important: why are we?

The answer: not in THIS lifetime :)) and definitely NOT in the mambo jumbo constraining religious texts. (but if you are a believer, search for god in yourself, you wont find it anywhere else).

Then what are we left with? I guess with the only purpose my humble human mind can pick out: life is there to make the most of it. and by that i mean: make it count! and have fun, really. laugh. enjoy what is. enjoy your family, your friends. help others too. grow together. and all the other cheesy stuff :))

Sarbatori Fericite! And may you find peace!

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