Who is Clara?

Hey there! Here's a couple of things about me:
I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Public Relations but truth be told, I was never really drawn to PR (perhaps I never found the right project to get involved in) so I decided to try something else (not entirely different though) and I signed up for the Marketing and Business Communication Master Course which I sort of finished this year (2010).
I am also an art student, currently studying painting - I'm in my 2nd year already.
I am passionate about art, advertising and since recently about social media as well and I am also toying with some graphic design applications - re`he`heally enjoying it :D
Apart from that, I've been an AIESEC member since 2008 and an online women magazine editor since nov 2010.

You can also find me here and here.
And HERE :D.

N.B.: All the photos that do not have a source written at the bottom belong to ME. The content of this blog also belongs to ME.
Using the content while mentioning me as the source = COMMON COURTESY
Using the content as if it were yours = PLAGIARISM

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