vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

What happened? - Life

"What once was her whole world, suddenly seemed small. Nothing had changed, only her."

It's a gloomy, hopeless winter morning and noisy cars are hurrying down the street disturbing my sleep. The street lights are slowly penetrating my window curtains, making everything even more irritating. I'm laying in my bed, facing my laptop and trying to get rid of all my anxiety and frustrations. Throwing them out there, for others to see and judge and take them away from me. I'm not afraid of people judging, I'm only afraid of tomorrow. You dull, lifeless tomorrow..

And then there's you, of course. You, again and again. Can I get rid of you too if I put you here? Can others rob you away like they do with my affliction and discomposure? Judge you, scold you, tear you apart until there's nothing left? If I name you, will you finally be gone? Co-ra-zon.

Off to sleep I go, through sirens and lights. I'll fabricate a new you in my dreams, a new me and there their paths will never cross. Simple, remember? Just like you always wanted.

To be continued..

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