joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Stepping out of the comfort zone - level over 9000

I don’t know exactly how eating pickles and watching It’s always sunny in Philadelphia – The gang hits the road – more specifically - brought me back to the summer of 2008, but it did.  

I remember I was walking barefoot around town together with a bunch of other crazy people and we were all cheerful and effervescent, with our excessively rosy cheeks and burnt, dirty feet. There was something in the air that night and everyone felt it.

Sounds cheesy I know, but we all managed to do something memorable that day and for me it was an experience that opened up my eyes in ways I will never forget. I still remember those words “I can, I want, I do”. You know what it’s like when you have in front of you almost 3 meters of fiery burning coal you’re supposed to walk barefoot on? Hey don't look at me like that :)) maaybe some of you do :))..but trust me when I'm telling you that it sure as hell isn’t easy to think of it as an ice skating surface when flickering bits of carbon are casually stroking your naked ankles. Ya’ll know what I mean? Your mind thinks one thing but your body tells you a totally different story. 

So I wrote down on a piece of paper every little thing that I didn’t like about myself and threw it away in the fire to get rid of it forever and then, with everyone around me yelling “ice, ice, ice!”, I walked bravely into the burning bunch of coal. And I came out of it in one piece, without feeling any pain or burn or bruise and I felt I could rule the world, because if I can think it, I can do it. And so I did. And I kind of feel proud about myself looking back, because I DO look back every once in a while, when things aren’t exactly going the way I imagined everything in my head and I repeat: I can, I want, I do. Easy. Sort of. 

And here’s something to feast your eyes on:

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