miercuri, 12 decembrie 2012

Der Kaffee. I make the best one in the world

My coffee is the best:

- After minutes lurking around my fridge in search for sweets and finding out my stash is completely empty (earth-shaking! I know you’ll agree)
      - When I’m feeling too lazy to drag my ass out of the house and buy some (see point 1)

      - When I’m out of movie snacks

    - In the morning, when I don’t feel like going to work just yet and I need an excuse to stay in for a couple of minutes more (I am a horrible employee, I know; no I'm not, just kidding)

        -  When I watch “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, because it makes me just as loud and frantic as Charlie and Mac and it’s easier to relate
     - In a huge mug with a reindeer on it (bought it in Karlsruhe, survived the plane trip, survived my cat – this mug is a hero; and a hero deserves coffee)
     - because I always get it for free from my dad (he buys me coffee every time we see eachother - it's still a mystery for me though why he does that)

     - because it can substitute anything, even a heater or a good night sleep :)) - oh you devious little thing

  The End

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  1. your coffee sounds awesome, superhero indeed:D. I prefer cappuccino because coffee makes me nervous and very weird around people...even more than usual. But I do find coffee amazing in general, especially if it's well made;)the smell is great.