joi, 18 martie 2010


I almost forgot about these lovely, entertaining short films about Japan made by this American dude living there, who, in a very funny and slightly ironic way, tries to share some of his new experiences with inquiring and thorough minds like myself here. HA! :)) Good one!

Aaanyhow, ever since I started watching anime (and I did watch lots of those! not so much lately, unfortunately, or fortunately? can`t decide), Japan has made it to my top ten places that i should go to list. Really! Japan, you watch it girl! Imonna get there sooner or later! Mark my words! :))

To make a long story short, here is one of those lovely movies. It`s about ice cream :)) But really, do watch it! :D

luni, 8 martie 2010

Mother's day occurence

Gosh, sometimes i just hate festive days. they really truly just suck sometimes. Why do i even bother going out when i know the streets are gonna be crowded, people are gonna be annoying beyond any type of measure and i am going to have a bad day? REALLY! WHY? :))

so, anyway, today was mothers day. giftshops and flower shops were obviously celebrating a record number of customers, male mostly. girls, women were getting down the bus holding teddy bears and lots of flowers and i was hurrying home, freezing and trying to ignore everyone. and clearly failing to do so.

but why my frustrating so much about it? cuz when there are crowds of people on the street there's also lots of bluntness and stupidity and weak mindedness (is this even a word?). people shoving and pushing eachother, laughing at others for no reason (except their own idiocy)..that`s just something i cannot stand.
and since when has mothers day become a cheap imitation of valentines day(which i also cannot stand)? cuz as far as i know, mothers day is supposed to be a day to celebrate our mothers, not relationships, not red fluffy hearts.

pff..and i promised myself im not gonna make this blog a personal one, but today just really asked for it.

sâmbătă, 6 martie 2010

I love cubism!

Ca sa nu las ultima postare sa`mi strice imaginea de om serios (haha), m`am gandit sa pun cateva din lucrarile lui Picasso care imi plac mie in mod deosebit. I absolutely adore his work! And I mean it, I'm not just saying that because everyone does it (well almost everyone anyway). So far, he is my all time favourite painter (along with Modigliani). I can always find meaning in his art. And I rarely find meaning in anything these days (lack of sleep probably :)). The shapes, the colors, everything is in perfect tune. So here goes:

(taken from

Si pentru ca sunt atat de multe lucrari care merita sa fie postate alaturi de cele de mai sus, am sa reiau tema ori de cate ori va fi nevoie, astfel incat sa nu am eu impresia ca las deoparte important works.
Today has probably been one of the laziest days I've had in quite a while. I woke up in the afternoon, with the bar of chocolate I started nibbling yesterday thrown away somewhere in my bed, along with a book I just started reading (I know, it's not a very complimenting way to advertise myself). My room was in such a mess that you`d think a tornado ran through my stuff.

Now it's almost 10 pm and I literally didn`t do anything except stare hopelessly at my ceiling and (oh yeah) clean up my room, which, thankfully, has become yet again a place where you can actually stay more than 5 min.

Please, whoever is out there, let tomorrow be different :))

luni, 1 martie 2010

Totusi, sa explic de ce am inceput sa scriu pe acest blog. Sa zicem ca m`a motivat in mare parte participarea mea la BRIO (conferinta organizata de AIESEC Iasi), mai precis trainingurile tinute de Bobby Voicu si Adrian Soare.
Alex Popa si Alexandru Israil were very awesome as well. Laughed my brains out @ Alex Popa`s session. :D
In plus, it feels kinda` nice to share some of my thoughts. :D

Apparently I didn`t have to sleep on it ca sa gasesc alte lucruri despre care sa scriu :))
M`am apucat recent sa citesc John Fowles - Turnul de abanos si odata cu asta am descoperit si cativa pictori despre care nu auzisem inainte. E vorba de Andre Derain, Ben Nicholson si Alexej von Jawlensky.

Andre Derain

Ben Nicholson

Alexej von Jawlensky

Dintre cele pe care le`am gasit pe net, lucrarile de mai sus sunt cateva care`mi plac mie mult. De fapt, ar trebui sa scotocesc prin albume de arta; pe internet nu sunt postate toate lucrarile lor (si nu numai ale lor).
Ma chinui de vreo jumate de ora sa`mi aleg un titlu de blog si o imagine care sa fie cat de cat reprezentative. De la Clara in Wonderland, care, am descoperit intre timp, nu e foarte original, variante asemanatoare gasindu`se cu zecile pe net, am trecut la Ieriul de maine, pentru ca de! actualitatea e azi, de aici la Clara ca buna ziua (pentru ca`mi place numele meu), iar acum ma gandesc sa`l numesc Le Blog de Clara. Si spunand asta, intervine o alta problema: in ce limba scriu? :)) Pana acum a mers bine cu romana..dar cu engleza ce fac? Si franceza! Desi nu stiu o boaba, sa am un titlu de blog pe franceza e tres chic, n`est ce pas? :))

Pana una alta, se pare ca blogul va fi unul "trilingv" :)). Si pentru ca planul meu pentru blog e deocamdata unul inexistent, I`ll just have to sleep on it and perhaps come up with better ideas tomorrow.

Cred ca titlul va ramane pana la urma, simplu Blogul Clarei. Thank you Helenz for the pretty pictures you shared, one of them found its place on my lil` blog.