luni, 8 martie 2010

Mother's day occurence

Gosh, sometimes i just hate festive days. they really truly just suck sometimes. Why do i even bother going out when i know the streets are gonna be crowded, people are gonna be annoying beyond any type of measure and i am going to have a bad day? REALLY! WHY? :))

so, anyway, today was mothers day. giftshops and flower shops were obviously celebrating a record number of customers, male mostly. girls, women were getting down the bus holding teddy bears and lots of flowers and i was hurrying home, freezing and trying to ignore everyone. and clearly failing to do so.

but why my frustrating so much about it? cuz when there are crowds of people on the street there's also lots of bluntness and stupidity and weak mindedness (is this even a word?). people shoving and pushing eachother, laughing at others for no reason (except their own idiocy)..that`s just something i cannot stand.
and since when has mothers day become a cheap imitation of valentines day(which i also cannot stand)? cuz as far as i know, mothers day is supposed to be a day to celebrate our mothers, not relationships, not red fluffy hearts.

pff..and i promised myself im not gonna make this blog a personal one, but today just really asked for it.

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  1. this is funny:)) ai dreptate , acum totul e asa comercial si lipsit de valoare. Sau poate inteleg eu gresit valoarea. Cand eram mici faceam felicitari si cumparam un ghiocel pentru mamele noastre si totul era asa simpatic si pur. but you know what they say: the many outnumber the few...or maybe they don't say that but I do.Anyway...we should just enjoy things our own way no matter what others do. Life is about feeling and not about showing off, right?