vineri, 2 iulie 2010

Can a girl ever have too many shoes?

Since I'm on vacation now, I can allow myself to be a lil` more shallow so I'll make this post about looks and appearance. Yes, I cannot help it, I do like fashion and I do like to look in a certain way, even though sometimes, after countless hours wasted in front of the mirror trying to get a certain look and failing, I might just throw a check shirt on me, some leggings and a pair of sneackers and shamelessly abandon my fashion attempt.

What annoys me the most though about Iasi is that I cannot find a decent pair of shoes that would please me both aesthetically and functionally. I know, gladiator sandals are THE THING right now and you can find them pretty much everywhere and I got a pair of those myself..but I feel like I reached a level of saturation regarding them. They are, without a doubt, EVERYWHERE! Everywhere I look, I can see at least one pair of those. However, if I am looking for a buckle wedge sandal similar to the one in the picture below, I can't find it anywhere.
(gosh, they do look amazing!)

And that's because the marketplace here only has eyes and ears for the ordinary, everyday taste. Picky consumers like myself (I know, in reality I might not be one 100% but I sure as hell do sound as if I were) will just have to look miles away for whatever they are interested in. Last winter I got lucky though: after many searches I finally found only ONE pair of (perfect) lace up anckle boots in this entire city and I spent a small fortune on them. They were very much worth it though (^▽^).

So, anyway, I made this collage to show you my fav pieces of footwear at this moment (there's also a pair of buckled lace up boots there; that's because I still haven't got over their complete and eternal awesomeness). I am really happy that the wedge will soon be back on the trend here as well (the type of wedge that I particularly like anyway; whohoo!). I remember I used to wear wedges such as these when I was in the 8th grade and gosh, was it good to be a lil` taller! Not to mention they were extremely comfy!

(the pictures I used were taken from,, and tfs)

I bid you farewell for now, with the hope that this post did not make me look as a completely shallow and empty person, for I assure you I am not.

To be continued..

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